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Information in English


Dream holidays. Where the world around you is still unspoiled, enveloping you in the sweet smell of hay, water weeds and meadow flowers - that's where the idea of a "dream holiday" gains a new dimension. Where tourism doesn't really exist, because we call it "a welcome to guests", you'll come in search of relaxation and find yourself taken up into a society so very far from mass tourism and holiday stress. Tourism close to nature - untroubled holidays in the heart of a wild and romantic landscape, never unfaithful to nature. The people here have kept their traditions and customs; it's not a tourist factory operating at the press of a button, but blithe holiday cheerfulness.
A hearty handshake to welcome you, and a smile as you leave to ask "When will you be back?". To switch off, unwind, regenerate, relax and be happy.

In the middle of a highland moor on the Flattnitz a unique botanical rarity has been flourishing for centuries - the dwarf birch, otherwise only found in Central Anatolia, and nowhere else in the whole of Europe.
The locals have a simple explanation for this century-old phenomenon: it was apparently the Turks who brought this birch to the Flattnitz in their horse fodder as they swept across Central Europe 500 years ago.
In any event the first dwarf birch must have liked it here, for how else could one explain how, although the Turks were expelled many centuries ago, the dwarf birch still continue to blossom each year on the highland moor.



Dream holidays. Where your very first breath of pure mountain air tells you that you're surrounded by unspoiled nature, - that's where a wide-ranging network of hiking tracks invites you into the very heart of nature - the only way to really understand the interconnectedness of everything in the natural world.
It's simply wonderful. Mountain ranges bathed in sunlight, quiet mountain lakes, idyllic forests, ancient mountain huts, a Kneipp trail, a herb trail - what more could the dedicated walker want? Perhaps simply to stretch out in a meadow, chewing on a piece of straw and wishing you could stop time. And sport is another important aspect of a "dream holiday" at Glödnitz-Flattnitz. Riding at the riding school, hiking, tennis, fishing, hunting, cycle tours or rafting on the waters of the Gurk. There's no danger of you ever getting bored!

As long ago as Roman times the Flattnitz was used as a major Alpine passage. Salt was carried to every part of Europe through here, and a "salt toll" was exacted for the privilege. Next to the old church on the pass, with its magnificent frescoes, there used to stand a hospice. And today: Why not follow in the footsteps of the Romans on horseback? No problem - and of course trekking, a long tour on horseback, will ensure that the search for the Roman trail will be an unforgettable experience.



Dream holidays. Where skis throw up powder snow and strange ice crystals glisten cheerfully in the sun - that's where the holiday-maker in search of relaxation can make his own private rendezvous with nature even in the middle of winter. Masses of snow, no fear of avalanches, gentle slopes and high-speed pists make Glödnitz-Flattnitz the ideal spot for a winter holiday for all the family. The friendly ski-school, the solitary track of the ski-tourer in the deep snow, the parallel turn executed with perfect skill on the unbelievably beautiful sunlit pist, or the congratulatory pat on the back after a particularly good throw on the curling rink - everything is so unconstrained, so soothing, and so different from the so-called winter-sports centres and high society in-resorts. And after a last turn on the slope, it's time to drop in for the "Einkehrschwung", a speciality of Carinthia that can ensure that many a cosy evening in the ski-hut goes on into the early hours of the morning.

Glödnitz-Flattnitz is well-known as a huntsman's Mecca. But beware - in other places it's simply the ignorant listener who has the wool pulled over his eyes with the hunters' tales of the marvels bagged each day; here it is often the huntsmen themselves who are the victims of deception.
Indeed, it's said that a mouflon tracked with extreme car and shot under the most difficult conditions in the deep snow turned out to be nothing more than a well-painted common or garden goat, or a capercaillie, the pride of the hunter's trophies, had been, in real life, an ordinary farm rooster. And so a fair amount of caution is well-advised against the high-spirited tricks that abound in Glödnitz-Flattnitz.
But even if the result is "only" a goat or a rooster, there'll still always be a round of toasts to celebrate the bag.



Dream holidays. Where you arrive as a guest and depart as a friend, that's where welcoming hotels and restaurants extend a warm invitation to a care-free holiday among friends. The farms of the surrounding region supply our hotels and restaurants with natural and environment-friendly products to be transformed into a wide variety of delicious Carinthian specialities to fill you plates and your glasses. You'll find these hostelries will become you own special oases of tranquillity, the operations base for you dream holiday in the heart of nature. And it's worth remembering that Glödnitz-Flattnitz with its family-friendly establishments is a great place for a  relaxing holiday in the low season. You'll be warmly welcome.

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